Uduak Discloses He Had 6 Other Victims Before Hiny


Killer and serial rapist, Uduak Akpan in a press interview answered questions pertaining his encounter with a job seeker, Iniubong Umoren whom he raped and murdered.

Uduak was paraded by the police after an investigation exposed him following the cry for help of a missing job seeker.

After his arrest, bodies of other victims were exhumed from the suspected serial rapist’s house where he buried them in shallow graves after supposedly violating their body.

During a press interview, Uduak Akpan disclosed that he has had about six victims whom he claimed not to kill and how Iniubong’s death was never intentional but an act of self-defense after she hit him on the head with a piece of electronic equipment.

Watch the video below …

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